Born 1991, originally from Sydney Australia. Georgette is a 3rd Year Honours Graduate from the Alvin Ailey American Dance School based in New York City, Majoring in The Horton Dance Technique and Dance Performance.

2011-2014, Georgette worked and performed for many well-renowned American choreographers in NYC; Matthew Rushing, Sidra Bell, Sonia Dawkins, Carlos De Santos, Iquail Johnson, Amy Hall, Fredrick Moore, Ray Mercer, Jeremy McQueen, Michael Leon Thomas and The Buglisi Dance Theatre.

She was selected to perform Mr Ailey noted work Memoria with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre at the New York City Theatre and toured with The Alvin Ailey Junior Company in 2014, NYC.

Georgette continued her journey to the UK in 2016 and danced with Scottish Dance Theatre, Russell Maliphant Company, London and Exzeb Dance Company, London.

She has worked with Australian Companies, such as; Opera Australia, Austinmer Dance Theatre, DUTI Dance Company, Sydney and Twisted Element Company, Sydney.  


Georgette has been coaching professional and pre-professional dancers at some of Sydney’s leading Full-time Dance Studios in Contemporary, Horton, Ballet and Dance Pilates for over 10 years.
She is also a Sydney Dance Company Studios Teacher, an Australian freelance Choreographer and Pilates Movement Scientist, Specialising in Dancers and Musculoskeletal/Skeletal Pathologies in Clinical and Studio practices.

Georgette’s greatest passion is sharing and educating individuals to discover their bodies in a whole different structure. Combining her International dance experiences and her education in Movement Science, her greatest passion is teaching and educating the biomechanics to training efficiently through dance, as well as helping individuals move more functionally and rehabilitate from acute or chronic pain/injuries. 

Georgette is currently completing a Master’s in Exercise Science (Physiology) at UOW to enhance and explore new avenues for individuals to overcome their physical goals.