'IN OR OUT'- part 1


Explores the many concepts of one innovating ‘IN’ or ‘OUT’. 

Georgette Sofatzis has constructed the work, inspired by real events of; 


  • Working in Demand

  • Frustration

  • Suffering (Anxiety, Depression, Panic & mental disorders)

  • Discovering Identity/ Belonging

  • Human Characteristics 

  • Friendship/Support 


The short work demonstrates how discipline and hard work may fulfil goals and aspirations,  however the demand and expectations can cause a lot of distress and mental strength. 


Georgette incorporates a diversity of cultural aspects and movement qualities in contemporary dance from Australia, America and Europe to establish context of travel and identity. 

These aspects are defined through Australian animalistic textures, African/American cultural/modern dance qualities and European characteristics. These aspects portray how travel can influence your mind, body and movement. 


Produced by Billy KEOHAVONG, portrays a group of diverse eclectic individuals reclaiming space, sharing stories, redefining their 'given' purpose, and erasing borders.  

The extremely talented and first ever group of dancers in the DANCEFORMATION, Specialised Contemporary Dance Program, have been training weekly in International Contemporary Dance Techniques, Dance Specific Movement Science as well as creating and rehearsing to has develop these two incredible short works just in a 2 hr block, once a week, over a 20 week period. 

WHEN: Saturday July 24th 2021

WHERE: ARA Darling Quarter Theatre 

TIME: Show 1- 6:30PMShow 2- 8:00PM

TICKETS: https://www.trybooking.com/BRWVA