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DANCEFORMATION is a new Australian specialised Contemporary Dance Program and Company that began in 2021, for dancers 17-30+ years.


The program has been designed to take pre-professional, professional dancers and teachers, Contemporary dance training and movement education to whole new level by educating scientific theories on conscious movement methodologies within a variety of contemporary dance and movement practices that are acknowledged in a renowned professional school around the world.


Whether you are waiting to start a dance contract, auditioning, teaching or looking for personal development, DANCEFORMATION is for you.

Only 1 full day training which leaves the rest of the week to explore other training avenues and work opportunities. 


*Please note that all following information is brief, to receive full information package you must Request to Apply.


Exercise Science Practitioner and Professional Contemporary Dancer, Georgette Sofatzis focuses on the use of Anatomy and Biomechanics through dance practices such as, Contemporary Dance, Ballet Technique and The Horton Dance Technique, to enable freedom of movement, performance consistency, a decrease in muscle and performance fatigue as well as pain/injury management.


Georgette integrates her extensive international performance experiences and movement science degree to provide tools in linking physical conditioning concepts to contemporary dance practices.

Georgette strives on the importance of pioneered modern/contemporary dance techniques, after experiencing an extraordinary transformation in strength and movement quality over 3 yrs of training under American Masters. In addition to this Georgette noticed the demand in this particular standard of training when auditioning and dancing with major dance companies around the world.  

Where and when?

Program Day: Wednesday's

Program Duration: 10:00am-3:00pm

Program Location: DUTI STUDIOS, Newtown

Program Commencement: February 2nd 2022

Program Duration: 20 weeks 

How to apply?

At the bottom of the page you will find an Application Request form where you can register your interest in joining the DANCEFORMATION Program 2022. If successful you will receive a direct email with the Information Package and Full Application Form.

Requests close January 22nd 2022, however only we only offer 15 spots to ensure quality of training.

 What to expect:

Contemporary Dance Practices;

- The Lester Horton Dance Technique
- Merce Cunningham Based Technique
- Classical Ballet Technique

- Martha Graham Technique 
- Contemporary Floor work
- European/Eastern Framework & Improvisation

* Creative Development and Showing of small works by Team Choreographers

* Postural/Movement Assessment by Exercise Science Practitioner Georgette Sofatzis

* Personalised Movement Correction Programs towards dance

* Targeting each dancers needs through Movement Science and Somatic approaches to assist their dance performance 

* One on one mentoring on personalised needs

* Learning acclaimed International dance practices that are educated globally within a profound professional school

* Work Opportunities through Team Mentors

- Each DANCEFORMATION dancer will receive a Complimentary Foam roller, Thera-band and T-shirt


Victor Zarallo (EURO)

Naomi Hibberd (EURO)

Billy Keohavong (ASIA)

Larissa Longsee (NYC)

Holly Doyle (SYD,AUS)

Georgette Sofatzis (NYC/EURO)

Please contact georgette2dance@gmail.com if you have any questions prior to submitting the application below. 

We look forward in helping you move and perform smarter.

Georgette Sofatzis

Application Request

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